Five reasons to become an entrepreneur as a refugee

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When I decided to join an entrepreneurship course at DELITELABS only after months from getting my permit in the Netherlands many people thought that I am taking this step too soon. They did not see entrepreneurship and refuges as a balanced combination. To be honest being young and curious about everything made it easy to jump into the opportunity, but there is actually many reasons to be a refugee and entrepreneur. Here are my favourite five:

1- Entrepreneurship nowadays is seriously hot topic around the world

Wherever you go entrepreneurs are the smart and unique people how came up with great inventions. They are creative people who build grand companies, organizations, and made revolutions in all fields and all form an idea, they literally started from scratch!  What would be more inspirational and spirit lifter than to learn about entrepreneurship, and help yourself start over!

2- You have experienced loss before the hard way, and you have immunity against loss

You are a refugee because you had to leave your country, and leave everything you love and cherish behind because of countless reasons. This is all so tragic, but you have a blessing normal entrepreneurs do not. You have experienced loss before the hard way, and you have immunity against loss. You will not be afraid to try and fail!

3- Do it for you and for THEM

We as refugees all have a beloved family or friends back home, we miss them and we love them. What is a better redeemer than to succeed For them! To become an entrepreneur, create Your idea and achieve Your vision, this is a huge success dedicated to them!

4-  Entrepreneurship is a creative and effective way or economic integration

While it is difficult for everyone native or refugee to get a job you will be creating and designing your own job opportunity and further more you would be creating opportunities for others as well!

5- There are so many valuable life lessons behind entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not only about business and economy, it teaches you many valuable lessons about life, thinking, self-development, unleashing your creativity and most importantly exceeding your limits. And what more do you need in a new country?

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Jana Alhob Shalgheen

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