Violeta Garin: “Making business is great but combining it with social positive impact is bliss “

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From Spain, Valencia Lead Communications Strategist and degree in History of Art (UV) and Masters in Cultural Management (UPV), Violeta Garin came to Amsterdam and her destination is DELITELABS. Ms Garin was part of the founder team and was Dircom in Demium Startups, the first indie incubator in Spain. For the last four years she has been working closely with digital entrepreneurs, online businesses and open innovation organizations. Always learning new creative working methodologies, she likes to apply them in everything related to cultural innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Few things not everybody know about Violeta, but she would let us know them. She really likes bananas with peanut butter, and she always tries to sit down in the place where she can have the best perspective of the room. And she does not like coffee!

Violeta came to Amsterdam to join DELITELABS’ team for two months as communication manager, among all other initiatives she was interested to work with DELITELABS, and when I asked her why did she choose this initiative to work with, she said:

“We are living in a world full of abundance but we are facing many challenges as a global society. After several years working with entrepreneurs and digital business I was looking for a way of bringing all this knowledge and my experience to a bigger cause. I think making business is great but it can be even better if you can contribute to have a social positive impact and this is what I found in DELITELABS.”

Violeta has a plan to apply her distinctive knowledge and experience in business and communication in the coming course and develop DELITELABS’ future together with the other team members. She elaborates more about what exactly she aims to achieve:

“First of all, I would like to discover what areas of the curriculum and the program can be improved in order to add more value to our students and mentors. Regarding communications, I would like to develop an efficient network, both internal and external. I’ll work to facilitate that the team and the students can have a better communication, as well as help consolidating DELITELABS public relations. So, to sum up, I’ll like to leave DELITELABS with a better program and excellent brand & reputation. Oh! And I am also a very motivated person so I hope I can be kind of a booster to the team and the students to follow their dreams.”

Questioning the possibility of Entrepreneurship as a valid alternative to  the new comers Violeta said;

“Everything hinges on the entrepreneur spirit that some of the new comers may have, and DELITELABS helps them to find out if they do. To be an entrepreneur is something very special and takes a lot to courage, not everybody is willing to take this path. In any case, no matter if you want to be an entrepreneur or not, I think entrepreneurial skills are necessary to develop your professional career in any field.”

Violeta Garin sees that DELITELABS and other initiatives that work with refugees and newcomers have a real potential of changing many lives by welcoming this people, helping them to understand the environment, encouraging them to follow their passion and training them to perform better as professionals and entrepreneurs.

Know more about Violeta’s professional life and contribution with DELITELABS.





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