Day 2: Tell us your story!

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The show started and days in DELITELABS are flowing, day two started with such positive energy and high vibes. We stated our day with breakfast together with the team members to warm up and state the first lecture. Everybody introduced themselves, the students and the team member ( you will know them one by one each week in coming posts 😉 )

Mo Alkhen, a former student in DELITELABS and a current team member and trainer, started with the students with 30 seconds exercise where they had be silent and then talk about themselves for exactly another 30 seconds and the rest of the team would observe and take notes.

After the warm up exercise Christof Hawle, founder of DELITELABS and main trainer, took over and started explaining to the student the schedule of the five coming weeks, what is the plan and what to expect in general.

He had great pieces of advices to the new students, I quote

‘always ask and never assume that you are the only one who does not understand’, also ‘ in DELITELABS we teach you how to fix the mistake sand move on, so do not be afraid form committing mistakes. Fix them, forgive, forget and move on’.

We care of the nutrition of our students so we had an amazing lunch break together with our neighbours in the DIACONIE, socialized, and had lovely time.

Afterwards, our guest arrived the great Simon Hodges worked his magic of storytelling on the students.

‘To create a fascinating story you only need yourselves’ he started the lecture with this inspiring line, and the students unleashed their imaginations and each and everyone created his/her own delightful story.’

Violeta Garin, DELITELABS communication manager and trainer,  had her time with the students also, they talked about important subject which is the 2030 Global Challenges. She said;

 ‘If we are going to develop a business idea, this is useful information to inspire the creative minds of you, and try to address those global challenges and work on creating a better world!’

So much excitement, positive energy, and great story were the outcome of the day and it is only the second day!

Imagine how many special outcomes there is to come!

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