Day 1: Let’s get started!

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Day one in DELITELABS course three was simply unforgettable. The students started arriving at midday and we shared the lunch together to get to know each other more in the beautiful building and beautiful weather.

The students were lucky to start their journey at DELITELABS with a very inspirational and talented life coach Xavier Fuste who came to join us all the way from Barcelona, Spain.

In few hours the students together to the coached delft deep inside themselves to discover their passion areas, their strengths and wisdom voice in order to aid them in their five-week journey ahead.

Xavier being a professional life coach was able to touch every student with his exercises, and express their fears, doubts, and expectations and blow them away into the balloons they had and literally let them go! How fascinating!

This was the second time Xavier works his magic on the students of DELITELABS, asking him why did he joined the course for a second time he said; ‘the amount of love and flexibility I received from Christof and the rest of the team encouraged me to come back and work with them again,’. He added, ‘it is really an important cause they are working on. Creating a space and providing the means to human beings who have experienced many difficulties, and whom are in an uncomfortable moment in their life is an act of great compassion are will help to create a more compassionate world’.

Xavier was impressed with the new group and sees people with a lot of potentials and opportunities waiting to be unleash in DELITELABS.

After a intense morning about self development, during the afternoon the students changed completely the topic and we could enjoy the mentorship of the crowdfunding expert Karim Maarek. His advice about how to create a powerful crowdfunding campaign was very important to the group because the students must create a campaign to raise their prize during the course!

Be ready for our blog because it will become your best storyteller in the coming five weeks!

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