DELITELABS day 3: An interrupted lecture

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Yesterday was all about storytelling. Today the most part was about crowdfunding. Sometimes the amount of information that the students are getting in DELITELABS is overwhelming, but never dull. Today we had an abundance of interesting exercises and lectures planned for them and they just eat it up.

Today the energy of achievement is almost tangible in the room.

The day started and the students entered. Already there were a couple of guys joking with each other. Getting to know each other always seems go so naturally at Delitelabs. I’ve been an intern now for a couple of months and it still amazes me how this is being achieved every course again. 


The first exercise began. The students had to sit opposite of each other and begin pitching the problems and eventually the solutions about a certain market to the person across from them. One minute, one person the explain it to. This practice helps them to realise the trouble of explaining a problem and with that the solution to the other person. Providing a solution to a specific problem is one of the most essential skills a good entrepreneur should have on his tool belt.

Samer says about this exercise: “Yes the exercise worked very well. You learn how to speak more quickly and efficiently about the problems to create better solutions.“


Energy was still flowing with this last exercise when a lecture began from a familiar face to Delitelabs, Karim Maarek. He gave a lecture about how to do a crowdfunding campaign. He explained the key elements of a campaign strategy in the form of questions that need to be answered as specific as possible.

  • What is your objective? (in other words, what is your end result?)
  • What is your Primary crowd? (what are the people that are going to be the biggest part of the people who buy your product or service?)
  • What is your Value proposition? (What value do you have that you offer your primary crowd in return of (financial) support of you?)
  • What material or immaterial reward can you offer them?

During this lecture was a very passionate performance of Ghaith, a student of our new group. He demanded to have some time to speak to his fellow groupmembers. “Together we can do it!” was the phrase.

He glorified everyone in the room by saying we all had our expertise and talents and that we just had to find a way to utilize them for our projects.


After the lecture with Karim the class had so much energy and inspiration about the crowdfunding campaign they kept working at it very hard for the rest of the day. New ideas about how to do it and which approach to take are already taking form and it is just their second official day. Very good to see that the energy is there and they have the means to utilize that energy.

In big team projects you have to have a division of the roles within a team, this is the same if you start a crowdfunding campaign. The roles have been divided and they are ready to go with full force. In the coming week they should be ready with a story and I have no doubt they will do just that!

A very proud man,


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