Day 4: Theater master VS master Chef in DELITELABS!

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DELITELABS journey continues and there is no day like the other, after day one and two and three a new surprise and a new experience were waiting for our students so they can develop their many skills and discover new ones.


Day 4 was super energetic with our phenomenal theater professional guests Ana Barona and David Limaverde  form PLEK who worked with the students during the morning period. They worked on different and inspring exercises to build certain trust in among the students.

They work with Participatory Theater, and they focus on interaction and connection with the principle that everybody participate. The students started with a connecting dance. Then, they did a very challenging exercise where they had to literally trust their partner and give them total control to move them. They also did the Colombian hypnosis where you, like a superhero, control others and move them through the movement of their hands.

Ana and David developed an educational program using theater to help existing programs to improve their input. Also, to help the people who are involved in these programs to develop themselves, and connect to their team members and to themselves at the same time.

This the second time for Ana and David in DELITELABS, and they said that the program is very interesting and inspiring that encouraged them to come back again.

The theater team worked with the students on one specific question : What Moves You? It is important insight to guide the student in the process of discovering what moves them and why they are here at DELITELABS.

Today, the students moved to the next level of connection among each other and one step closer towards their projects by understanding what moves them.

The day is far from ending for our delitelabers, we had a great surprise for them!

DELITELABS team take care about the students multiple talents, and that’s why we gave them a chance to show us their fascinating cooking skills, and handed the  DINNER CHALLENGE for them. They had 4 hours to cook for themselves and extra 20 people!

Stay tuned for the details of the dinner challenge the students have to manage.

Delitelabs - Dinner CHallenge

Will we discover the next NL super chef among our students? You never know! 😉

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