Day 5: A day of reflection and pitching

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The bonding continues. Yesterday we had a little surprise for our students. After the energisers and theatrical teachings of Ana Barona and David Limaverde. We devised another assignment. We wanted to see how they would react like newby entrepreneurs. And we weren’t disappointed.

An essential part of success is learn

They had to do a Dinner Challenge, which we spoke of yesterday. The event was a pretty good first try, a pretty good one. The guests were happy, the food was great and overall a nice gathering. But nothing is perfect and that’s whyToday was dedicated to two things. A reflection of the dinner challenge and the start of learning how to pitch. To make it more natural the students could pick a technology where they already where excited about and pitch it. Really explaining why it was so special to them was the assignment. More on that further in the article.

The Reflection

Violeta started the reflection of the Dinner Challenge. This was an interesting exercise to observe, because the exercise itself made it very clear on which things you can work on next time.


The group gathered around the table and the debriefing began. Each student had the assignment to write on three colors of postits, green, yellow and red. Green for the good, red for the bad and yellow on the things that didn’t cause problems but could lead to problems in the future if it happened again.

They started writing. Every one of them came up with a a couple of each kind. This made for a very interesting overview. Patterns started to arise and at the end it became pretty clear on what could be working on. You can’t change everything so we made after everybody put his postits on the board and made categories of the things that should be worked on, the group voted on the things that should be really worked on the next time. What to take into account if they organised an event. One of the best learnings of this exercise could be put in one phrase:

“It is not about the food, it is about the customer”


Practise Pitching

The students had their first couple of tries of pitching and were very enthusiastic about it. In a save environment they could play around with their ideas and show what they saw for the world. They were giving pitches on things that already existed, but what they thought was a very helpful, meaningful or just bluntly cool innovation. A couple of the subjects that were discussed during the pitches: Emotional tracking devices, Soil testers, Wifi lights, Eco villages and 3d printing. The preparation for the final pitch event on the 19th of October began today!

Delitelabs - First Pitches

Creating Teams

At the end of the day they had a couple of pointers of the team that they should create. Team is one of the couple of essential factors that make a company shine or lead to an bankrupt.

“Don’t search for the people like you, but find someone that will complement your personality and skillset.”

Negotiations on the teams are in full progression and will be that way till tomorrow. That is the day when the students will decide what the teams will be, so… Exciting stuff at Delitelabs. That was it for today! Again, always a pleasure to work at such an inspirational company as this one.

Greets to you all



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