Day 7: Customer is king in DELITELABS

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After having formed first teams on Friday, most DELITELABS projects are set and range from the food sector to radio and education. Our participants are getting closer and closer to being in touch with the key to their projects: the customers. Last week, they already enjoyed an introduction to sensing – finding out what their customers’ wants and needs are.

“We are not a team, we are a family”

But first, a short recap of the weekend

True DELITELABS participants have their projects in mind wherever they go. One of our motivated participants pitched his experience during DELITELABS at a Pecha Kucha meeting. Another team of participants took the initiative to raise 500€ for their crowdfunding campaign during the Tuinen van West Fest – and even distributed goodies from RE_VESTLIFE.ORG as a reward for contribution.

 ” Approaching supporters for our crowdfunding campaign helped us to discover our sales talents”

How to give the customers what they want

Today, we welcomed Fred Kastner and Ben Fraser from Beyond Refuge (a London-based NGO providing solutions for forced immigrants) and TERN (The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network, which supports refugees in realizing their ambition of starting a business). They guided our participants in the process of collecting info about their customers and market in three steps. 



Step 1 – Create a customer persona

The journey into the minds of the customers started with stories of good and bad customer experiences. We all recall that one moment of holding the service line for an hour or that one salesperson who really understood exactly what you wanted. After a short introduction to design thinking, our participants departed on the path towards their potential customers.



Our participants were challenged to make their market more tangible by creating a customer persona. This is a personification of their customer with all their demographic features, behavior patterns, motivations, goals, and needs. Our participants introduced us to Majd, an unemployed immigrant in search of a professional network and John who has the need of sourcing cheap resources for manufacturing.

Step 2 – Define your customer segment

The sum of al Majds and Johns with similar characteristics make a customer segment. What do those customer segments need and how can a product best satisfy those needs? To find out, there is only one solution: Go out there and ask, ask, ask!


” At least 100 conversations is what we need to understand our findings on the customer segment”

Step 3 – Research plan

But: how to ask? How to best get information from the customers? Our participants learned tools to do research, such as interviews or focus groups. Of course, practice makes perfect, which is why our project groups had the opportunity to do a mock interview with Fred and Ben.


After an eventful Monday, our DELITELABS participants are still not resting but hitting the streets of Amsterdam to talk to their customers. What a great atmosphere of energy and inspiration!

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