Day 8: “That’s right, Bob!”

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It is day 8 already, and we can feel the excitement of achievement  in the air. Our teams are set and ready to unleash their creativity.

Unfortunately, creativity and innovation does not completely go hand in hand with cleaning the dishes. Nevertheless, in DELITELABS we have fun doing all the activities. We had a very energetic morning cleaning and refreshing the space in order for to have a productive day.

After a very inspirational day with our speak guests from Beyond Refuge, Ben Fraser and Frederic Kastner  on customer needs it was time to ably the knowledge.

Christof Hawle took over today, and worked with the students how to evaluate the customer needs. All the exercises are based on  the intensive program that DELITELABS team developed for our students.


After learning how to study and evaluate the needs and facts, it was the time for the favourite question in DELITELABS : what is your project creative question?

This is not an easy question to answer, it takes time and effort to actually reach the perfect formula of the creative question that will lead to the creation of the project plan.

Nevertheless, difficult questions sparkles the brilliant brains of our students, and they came up with inspiring answers.


“The important thing is never to stop questioning.”

As usual, the bell rang and we all joined the social lunch at the Protestant Diaconie. Afterwards, it was time again for serious work and some ideation. The main principle behind ideation is to guide the teams to think about their ideas, and unleash their creativity to develop the it and reach the innovation level.



It is absolutely fascinating to witness this development process and creation at DELITELABS. It is so inspiring!

Keep tuned to our blog to know everyday’s stories of our program!


Jana alhob Shalgheen





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