Day 9: Sorting ideas with an inspiring visit at DELITELABS

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We are in the second week of DELITELABS intensive program and the teams are defining their ideas and value proposition. I couldn’t wait more to this moment to arrive!

All the teams had the morning to work and try to sort their different solution ideas based on their impact and likelihood of success. They also create clusters with some ideas with a common context and had the chance to score them to find the best one according their own criteria:

Am I passionate about the topic? It’s scalable? Can we make it happen?

At 13:00h Ángel Figueroa came in to share his entrepreneur experience with the students and the conversation was very insipiring. After an informal chat, the students found out that your ideas are never going to be ‘unique’ and the best way to separate them in order to find the good one is simple: TESTING.

Ángel Figueroa

During one hour and a half, Ángel was answering all the students questions about how to manage a team while starting up your business or how to deal with investors. The DELITELABS students were eager to learn more and the atmosphere was focused on making the most of Ángels’s visit. He was pleased after the session and explained:

“My goal is to be someone that can is cable to coach people to overcome challenges. I like the energy behind the student’s questions. You can see the eagerness to grow.”

The afternoon was flowing and the students were inpired by Ángel. There was the moment to put their minds again into their projects so I managed a little session with the teams in order to help them to articulate a clear and simple value proposition.

‘Keep it short and sexy’ was my advice, but the teams are in a very early stage building their value propositions and explaining their ideas clearly is still an arduous task. I am not concern. We will improve it the coming days.


Another day in DELITELABS was coming into an end and closed the working day surprising Daniela singing with a birthday cake and celebrating her birthday!

I’m still amazed by the energy, the potential and the power of all the people arround me. I m so lucky to be here!

Violeta Garín




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