Day 11: Great ideas for brilliant solutions in DELITELABS!

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It is already two week now in the 3rd course at DELITELABS, and things are getting more serious and interesting. Today, our students learned all about business model innovation with the specialist trainer Karim Maarek (THNK School For Creative Leadership).


We want great ideas that provide brilliant solutions.

In previous lectures, Karim guided the students how to evaluate the target market, focus on a specific problem and find the perfect solution.


The lecture today continued in that path, and we started the day by evaluating the value proposition using the Touchdown tool, used to bring concepts and ideas down a few levels of abstraction to make it specific and understandable.

Avoid the ‘teamconsensus effect‘ bringing balance between having head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.

The energy was really high and the teams were working and learning it a very active way. They discussed about how to think about their customers and plan their journey in order to reach the brilliant solution.

After today’s lecture we will have a lot of future happy customers!

Our second step was Scanning the landscape, where the students sensing exercises to enquire the tools and imply them in their projects. They learned how to Analyse, Find insights and inspiration. Also, how to capture on their canvas.

Our the question was is How can we design scalable business models that have a positive impact on society? This is an important aspect that the projects need to address.

We have to know HOW to provide the desirable access to our users.

After the lunch break, the teams continued to learn with Karim the important and most beneficial tools to create a successful business model.

We moved after the scanning the landscape into learning about Stakeholders. Who are the Stakeholders? Which Stakeholders different projects should approach?

Afterwards, the students created the Empathy map for their projects. Today’s technique allowed the students to work individually and discuss with their teams in order to have valid input they can build on.

One important milestone we achieved today is creating the first Elevator Pitch for the projects, and to be honest I was really impressed by the performances of the students!


Innovation is a vision in DELITELABS and Karim took our students to an innovation journey. We believe in learning and never stop learning and today was a just a peek for our students on the amount of knowledge and experiences that is coming along the course.


Fridays can be long when you like what you do and the space had a nice environment with few students that were eager to know more. Our coworker Jonna from Takecarebnb was interview by Abed in order to get some insights for his project.

Now, let’s enjoy the weekend!












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