Day 14: Embracing Failure and Success in DELITELABS!

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After a spectacular day 13, the whole DELITELABS squad was in such high energy today, eager to start day 14 with our special guest Annemiek Tigchelaar  CEO and founder of  .

She has a big experience in branding, fundraising and creating awareness and she helps companies and assist them to achieve your goals.

Our students had a chance to talk with Annemiek and ask her all the questions they had about entrepreneur life, successes and failures in order to learn form her experience.


Here are some of the questions:

  • How do you manage a big team since you are the CEO of your company?

Your attitude with your team will define the resolute that you will have.

I make sure that I provide positive energy and high level of honesty. Also, I make sure that we have clarity of what is expected from each member of the team.

I try not to hover, and trust the team that they know what they are doing and they will do it professionally.

Nevertheless, I make sure that we come together and have  briefing sessions to clarify expectations in the group and one on one. I fulfil my following up role, but I choose what to say and when to interfere wisely.

  • What are your biggest failures?

Reflecting on the past, I recognize that failing is inevitable.

You will fail a lot, but the great thing about failing is that it is your biggest tutor.


In the biginning of my company I said YES to all projects, and that led me to challenging circumstances because I had enough money to eat but not for an insurance and that was one of my biggest mistake.

You have to evaluate your product and yourself correctly and have a minimal wager, and a strategy for your work and company.

In addition, you as teams have really to decide Who is going to do What and setting the agreements among you.

  • What Does Failure means to you?

It is always hard to fail, it does not get easier But embrace it as much as possible because it is the you chance to learn and do it better.


  •   What do you do when you feel insecure?

Insecurity helps you to be the best version of yourself.

A certain amount of it helps a lot. Nevertheless, you have to have positive surroundings. Also you have to plan time to get inspired by things like a book and movie or even you competitors.

You have to plan time to do nothing too, because entrepreneurship is 24/7 job and it is easy to overwhelm you.

To find a balance between personal life work should be your goal.


  •  How do you deal with taking decisions?

It can be scary to be responsible of all the decisions, but on the other hand it is also this freedom is very exciting and empowering.

I made bad decisions in the past that cost me a lot of money, but again failing is your best friend. It is your way to do better the next time.

  • How do you choose you team?

I work with freelancers and usually I work with people that I have worked with before or people within my network.

I always make sure to get what I want, and that’s why I choose professional people and  plan ahead in order to get the aspired results.

After the Q&A session, the teams in DELITELABS course three had a chance to talk privately with Annemiek, and present their projects to her.


Among the many benefits DLEITELABS provides to the students, the massive networks is one of the biggest.

It was a beneficial morning time because the teams had a chance to get a professional opinion and feedback and to reflect and develop their concepts.

The teams are working hard on their projects, and they all have one goal: Lets Do It!


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