DELITELABS in the eyes of the students!

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How is you experience in DELITELABS, and what did you learn in DELITELABS so far?


Sam Anton Ibrahim

Sam Anton Ibrahim

We are no more what we were before participating in DELITELABS.
DELITELABS experience is the device that pushed us to the next level in the world of entrepreneurship.
We acquire so much here, the knowledge of our potentials and limitations, the power of team work, design thinking, thinking out of the box, and most importantly, business is about service.
My experience here is magnificent, I love everyday I spend here.


Adel AlBaghdadi

Adel Albaghdadi

I learned How we can develop our ideas to business plans, this is my second course with DELITELABS.

There is so much to learn here, it never feels enough.

My experience here is non-measurable in the sense of the love and friendship we acquire and share.

The major change we experience here is form normal people with great ideas, to creators.

Nakhleh Al-ayek

Nakhleh Al-ayek

I learned how to manage time which is the key to have a successful job and happy lifestyle.

Also, I learned working in a team, and that that the road of a mile starts with one first step. Our first step is DELITELABS and I hope people would support us in our Crowdfunding campaign.

My experience with DELITELABS is very rich.

We acquired new information, skills and strategic planning with inspiring tutors.

Samer Al Adib

Samer Al Adib 

I learned that Expectations equals ZERO.

We learned how to work hard and then ask for the results.
My experience here is really magnificent and unique , I feel like DELITELABS is my second home actually 🙂

Maddi Ali Deeb

Maddi Ali Deeb

I learned from DELITELABS how to design my thinking!
And my experience is that the foundation attracts unique and singular talented people which is a great experience to be involved in. I hope people see that and support this movement.
Ehab M OmaroEhab M Omaro
 How to organize my thoughts and choose the best and plan, and give it 110% of my time. We learned the best ways of communication first with ourselves and then with our partners.
Most importantly, we learned how to give are receive feedback.
Nice experience, meet lot of people, massive network and follow of passion
Saleh Abdeh Sa
Saleh Abdeh Sa
To organize my time was a huge issue for me, I learned it here. We also learned how to plan and prototype you idea, but before that, we learned how to start from zero.
You need a team to succeed because three brains are better than one! I learned how to listen.
My experience is magnificent and totally new! it was absolutely inspiring because of all the inspiring people we met.
Bilal Ali
DELITELABS taught me to discover my Will and Strengths and build on them. They help us discover our passions and fight for our ideas. DELITELABS introduced us to a massive network, and many beneficial connections.
I faced my fears and found peace on way or another and that is something deep.
My experience here is surprising and beautiful. I am sure its effect will continue much longer after the end of the course. I hope people can see the important task of DELITELABS, and support us all!
DELITELABS is one of the experiences that change your life!
Abed Alrahman Hen

Abed Alrahman Hen

We’ve learned how to organise our ideas and how to plan the projects.

It is an awesome combined work between the team members and the tutors. We received a lot of support and love everyday!

Dmitriy Shamatov

Dmitriy Shmatov

I absorbed all what our teachers gave us: teamwork technics and the methods how to discover market and understand customer needs.

I learned how to find unique solutions and the attract attention of a focus people groups.

We learned how to implement this knowledge in our projects and test how it could work with my ideas.

DELITELABS has a very friendly and aspirational atmosphere. I see lofty aims which established people around me, and it inspire me to work with pleasure.

Hala Kh

Hala Kh

I am learning a lot from the teams, the guests and the teachers. I learned how to adopt new technical methods and how to apply it on professional, personal and psychological levels.

Most importantly, I learned How to accept the other, and how to accept myself.

Ghaith Haj Hosein

Ghaith Haj Hosein

DLEITELABS is much more than an experience.

DELITELABS is definitely achieving it goals with the new students in course three, and we are waiting for fascinating results form this amazing teams!
We are pushing them towards the start line in their new lives in the Netherlands, Where will YOU take them?
Support us and help our special students by DONATING in our crowdfunding campaign.

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