Day 15: Our adventure at University of Twente starts today

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It was an early morning for our students. At 8:40 we planned to be at the station to get on the train 9:07 to ride to our destination Enschede. In Enschede we are going to attend an event on the campus of the University of Twente. In fact we have arranged this event as a prototyping week for our students.

The prototyping week @ University of Twente

A week full of lectures, meetings, pitches and a whole lot of work. With these prototypes we are going to make our students experiment and test if their business ideas are viable. If not, they’re going back to the drawing board.

Delitelabs Designlab

This week also is going to be a great opportunity for them to broaden their networks, work on the realisation of their projects and train in giving a great pitch. During this week we have not one but two pitch evenings. One on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Two interesting events that will improve their skills to sell themselves, which every entrepreneur should possess. So they will get a lot of practice during this week that they can use in the final pitch event that will take place on the 19th of October.

Exploring: The Designlab!

After arriving  a bit too late we were shown to the dorms we could use for the next couple of days, in the middle of the campus of the University. We dumped our luggage and followed Dennis, a student of the university, to a very interesting place: University of Twente Designlab!

Delitelabs Designlab

We went to the Designlab of the University of Twente and after a quick lunch and an introductory talk of Jaap van Tilburg we went to explore the Designlab. A tour was given by another student of the University of Twente. As a rollercoaster we went through the whole of Designlab. Entrepreneurs meeting entrepreneurs, a great sight.

“I was amazed by the atmosphere in the Designlab, so many people trying to create something new, really great.” – Maddi, student of Delitelabs


Every group had to discuss what their requirements would be for this week in terms of prototyping. What they wanted to work on this week and what they wanted from the students of the University of Twente.

Dinner at the University of Twente

After these discussing the projects in detail we went for a nice dinner with the whole of the gang. Making fun with discussing the pronunciation of the different languages that we had at our table, which were German, Dutch, English, Arabic and Spanish. Just amazing to have these many languages and cultures mixing into a great and interesting cocktail.

Delitelabs University of Twente Dinner

A good start to a great week to come.  Stay tuned for more stories of our journeys. Oh and if you want to support our students, here is the link to our crowdfunding campaign. We have a few days to go so be quick!


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