Twente Journey: DELITELABS stars

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Our prototyping week journey at Twente University continues.

The entrepreneurs teams have already spent three days in the University! They explored the amazing facilities and enjoyed the atmosphere working with the university students.


After the First Day, the second was such an energetic day. After the morning session, where Violeta and Michi guided the students in the process of developing their projects, and building the business plan.

Afterwards, we had many visits from the special staff DesignLab, and the volunteer students from the university to help our students execute their prototypes.

The university students offered their cooperation and support to the teams, and helped them design, program, and develop their concepts.



We had a nice surprise for the teams, and they had to do their first mini pitch that same day after lunch! They had limited time to prepare themselves, and test the feeling of the stage and audience.

The teams were excited to present their projects for the first time.

The first round was a new and exciting experience for them, and as we hoped, it made them more excited for their first full pitch the next day.

What is staying in a university campus without a cool party?

After a hard workday, all the participants and DELITELABS team deserved a treat. We all knew that the next day will be intensive and indeed, it was.

Practice Day.

We had to make the best of the big day on Thursday; all the teams were ready to start the day at 9 sharp!

Violeta and Michi were working with the teams on their pitches the whole day. There was a lot to be done during the day, and they had to apply all the time management tools they learned during the course.

The teams needed to provide quality work more than ever, because at 5:30 they all have to practice to pitch their full projects for the first time.

The office was like a beehive, there was a lot to be done and we have to make it on time. Each team choose specific times to work with the trainers, and tension was high. Nonetheless, affectivity and quality work was provided by the big team.

Maddi, one of DELITELABS students took the lead and introduced DELITELABS to the audience, after introducing the team, the projects were presented one by one.


SonOno Radio

SonOno Radio is the first Arabic online Radio Station in the Netherlands, there goal is to connect people with each other and share experience in order to fill the gap between the Syrian and Dutch Society. They provide reliable information and the daily local news in Arabic. They focus on cultural integration legal cases and information.




It is the first software that will provide a direct connection between manufactures and suppliers in both NL market and CIS markets, which are the last part of soviet  union. IMEX A is business to business (B2B).  They will make the trasition from global market and limited connections, to global market and global connections.


Talents Beyond Refugees

It is an initiative created by a team of refugees to help other high qualified refugees to integrate faster in the Dutch labour market. The idea is to match the talented refugees with jobs or vacancies offered by different companies and agencies. The project will make the transition between the Syrian work experience and CV to fit the Dutch labour market.



KANZ Hotel

KANZ Hotel is a new creative space with unique concept. They will provide an exquisite Syrian Culture experience in the heart of Amsterdam. You will enjoy warm oriental atmosphere. The hotel will provide delicious, high quality Syrian food and desserts together with cultural activities and music. Also, they provide traditional Syrian hot Hammam and saunas. KANZ will offer the luxury of privacy in affordable prices by offering 50 rooms.



Stay tuned for our Big Pitch Day at University of Twente!








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