Over the past years we have truly mastered how to unlock entrepreneurial spirit and how to make the key concepts and methods linked to design thinking and the lean start-up accessible to virtually anyone.

If you are looking to boost your intrapreneurship, cultural diversity and innovation spirit, we are happy to share our unique knowledge and ways of working.

We can work with you in different forms and intensity, depending on your needs. But what you will always get is 100% inspiration and lived diversity, as we love mixing your people with our aspiring entrepreneurs. This is our DELITELABS signature.

Let’s get in touch to find out together how our experienced advisor team can tailor workshops or trainings to your specific needs. Interested? Let’s talk!


Life is all about reciprocity. While we do offer to add direct business value to our corporate partners, we are also always looking forward to strike partnerships where DELITELABS’ participants are on the receiving end.

Would you like to contribute to unlocking entrepreneurial spirit in the people who need it the most? Would you like to share your experience with our participants?

We always welcome companies and organisations who would like to support our programs through skill based volunteering as pro-bono mentors, sponsoring our programs or in any other way that we want to find out together. Interested? Let’s talk!