For us entrepreneurship is a mean to inspire creation, taking initiative and professional working. At the same time we also see entrepreneurship as an end, to stimulate economic independence.

We believe you can read books by yourself. DELITELABS is all about doing. Knowing happens the best by trying and failing and trying again. We make top notch business methodologies accessible to you, in order to enrich your toolbox and experience with experts and peers. You will be surprised how the facilitated application of design thinking and the lean start-up will activate your entrepreneurial spirit.

At DELITELABS we have designed a number of learning products for you: ranging from one-time lectures to full 3 months incubation programs. You choose what you need to get started.

All our programs in Amsterdam are in English but most of our trainers also speak Dutch.

  • Evening lectures – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 19:00 – 21:00
  • Short JOYN Bootcamp
  • 3 months incubation – Daytime – 12 February / 9 May – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10:00 to 18:00

Evening lectures – free

In our inspiring evening lecture series you will learn about a wide range of topics: from how to do business in the Netherlands and business basics, to strategy, marketing or negotiations. We have carefully curated an entire curriculum for you that you can follow either as a participant of one of our incubation programs or also as an interested individual that would like to get in touch with the DELITELABS community. Just drop by to get inspired!

You can check out upcoming lectures on our Facebook page, or send us an email.

Short JOYN Bootcamp – EUR 60

In this short intensive get together, you will get a glance of the steps to build a start-up using design thinking. The aim of the bootcamp is to give compressed introductions to what it is like to act like an entrepreneur, the tools and the mind-set. You can join without a business idea and discover the passionate entrepreneur in you!

By the end of the bootcamp, you will get the knowledge of the basic terms about entrepreneurship, and most importantly – is entrepreneurship something for you?

Even if the answer will be no, you will have had fun and grown your professional business network in the Netherlands, have learned how 21st century business works and how to take own initiative to be a pro-active employee, gained business English training and created new connections with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

After this week, you may continue to make use of our co-working space, and when you are ready to step it up you can join our 3 months incubation programs – day or evening, whatever suits you best.

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3 months incubation program

In the 3 months program, the experienced trainers will teach you the methodologies and tools you need along your start-up journey. You will go through our DELITELABS process to discover and develop your business idea. We start with your passion and purpose, strengths and experience to make sure you’ll be working on the idea that excites you the most.

After you have found a problem that you want to solve (and maybe a team), the focus will be about gaining knowledge and tools; design thinking, business models, leadership, team formation, marketing, access to finance and how doing business works in the Netherlands. Remember: we are all about doing! Once you know your business concept, an experienced mentor will help you to make fast progress. We help you all the way: until incorporation and how to get access to (pre-seed) finance.

During the program, in addition to the workshops, there are also inspiring evening lectures. Part of the program will be a one week road trip, where we blend business and pleasure.

We expect you to work on your business, follow our workshops and direction from our trainers, for 3 days per week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10:00 to 18:00 and strongly encourage you to also follow our evening lectures. On Thursday and Friday you are also always welcome to work in our co-working space.

The total program cost are EUR 2970. Please note that we do have a number of scholarships available that reduce the cost to EUR 290. Once you apply we can find out during the interview if the scholarship is for you. Also, if you are a newcomer, you may be able to cover the cost through DUO. Please contact us to find out.

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